In New York City, two partners form the Open Data team: the Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics (MODA) and the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications (DoITT). MODA, as a hub of analytics in the City, advocates for the use of Open Data in citywide data analytics and in the community. DoITT manages the technical operations with City agencies and the vendor Socrata, ensuring that technological capabilities are always evolving to better meet user needs. City agencies are the data owners; Open Data Coordinators within the agencies serve as primary points of contact with the Open Data team.

As the Open Data team marks the third year of New York City’s Open Data for All vision, we want to thank the incredibly dedicated and hardworking teams across NYC government, and the community members and institutions across all five boroughs, who have helped make Open Data a reality for New Yorkers. Without their support, Open Data would not be possible.

City collaborators for support beyond data publishing:

  • Mayor’s Office of Operations
  • DoITT UX Team
  • DoITT Geocoding Team
  • Mayor’s Office of People with Disabilities
  • Mayor’s Fund
  • Mayor’s Office of Technology and Innovation
  • Parks Computer Resource Centers
  • Manhattan Borough President’s Office
  • City Council
  • Department of Records and Information Services

Community collaborators:

  • BetaNYC
  • Civic Hall
  • Civic Hall Labs
  • Center for Government Excellence
  • Civic Analytics Network
  • Sunlight
  • Reboot
  • GovLab
  • BureauBlank
  • Carto
  • Microsoft
  • Vizalytics
  • General Assembly
  • Made in NY Media Center
  • Pratt Institute’s Spatial Analysis and Visualization Initiative
  • Columbia University Social Work Library