Open Data by the Numbers

Throughout this report, we have communicated that Open Data plays an important role in understanding our city. In this section, we showcase the some of the data about Open Data to help us understand the impact of this service impacts those who use it.

All numbers are from fiscal year 2023 (July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023), unless otherwise stated.

Community Engagement

Engaging the public around NYC Open Data is a collaborative effort among City employees, civic technologists, and volunteers who all come together to make NYC Open Data more understandable and accessible within their communities.

Open Data Coordinators (ODCs)

Open Data Coordinators (ODCs) are City employees - one from each City agency - who work with their colleagues to identify, structure, document, and publish new datasets and to keep current datasets updated. ODCs also help publicize their agency’s datasets on Open Data through events, social media posts, and trainings.

Open Data Ambassabors (ODA) Program

The Open Data Ambassador program is a partnership between NYC Open Data and BetaNYC that trains people to help make NYC Open Data even more accessible. Open Data Ambassadors (ODAs) are members of the public who volunteer their time to teach others how to utilize NYC Open Data. Attendees at an ODA-led workshop learn about New York’s history of open data, how to navigate and analyze assets on the NYC Open Data, the limitations of open data, and how to incorporate Open Data in real-world scenarios. The Open Data Ambassador Program currently works with 12 Open Data Ambassadors, and has more than 30 new Open Data Ambassadors-in-Training.

Open Data Week Festival

Open Data Week is an annual festival hosted by NYC Open Data, BetaNYC, and Data Through Design to empower and inspire New Yorkers to use NYC Open Data. Open Data Week events have included workshops, art exhibitions, data jams, and academic presentations. Recordings from the last three Open Data Week festivals can be found here.

Open Data Helpdesk

10,000 total inquiries received, since the launch of the helpdesk in 2017

1,033 inquiries from the public, in FY 2023

151 datasets inquired about by the public, in FY 2023

35 agencies inquired about by the public, in FY 2023

Anyone and everyone can submit a question or share feedback about an exiting dataset or request a new dataset via the Open Data Helpdesk. An Open Data Team member reads every inquiry submission, assigns it to the appropriate agency, and then collaborates with that agency to return a timely and thorough response to the inquirer.

Public Inquiries Submitted via the Helpdesk, by Category

Top 5 Datasets Inquired About

Dataset Agency
DOB NOW: Build - Job Application Filings Department of Buildings (DOB)
311 Service Requests from 2010 to Present Office of Technology and Innovation (OTI)
OATH Hearings Division Case Status Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings (OATH)
DOB NOW: Build - Approved Permits Department of Buildings (DOB)
DOB Complaints Received Department of Buildings (DOB)


Geographic Location

NYC Open Data users are concentrated in NYC but located all over the globe! In FY23, 48% of users were located in NYC, 32% were located in the United States and outside of NYC, and 20% were located outside of the US.

Percentage of NYC Open Data Users, Globally

Did you know: The NYC Open Data users farthest from NYC are 11,613 miles away in Perth, Australia!


City Agencies Represented on Open Data

The number of agencies contributing data to NYC Open Data has continued to expand over time. With just 33 agencies participating in 2012, the portal now contains data from 95 City agencies:

Number of City Agencies with Assets on NYC Open Data Over Time

Community-made Assets

Community-made assets are personalized versions of Open Data datasets made by our users. This year, Open Data users collectively made 2,558 assets! Below are the five datasets with the most community-made assets.