Strategic Plan Update

Open Data Coordinators sharing ideas during the "Co-Designing NYC's Open Data Future" workshop

In 2019, NYC Open Data brought together City employees, civic hackers, open data evangelists, and good government advocates in a two-day workshop to reflect on the successes and challenges of the first ten years of open data in New York City. During the workshop, participants co-created a vision for the next decade of NYC Open Data, which the Open Data Team used in tandem with a public survey to write the strategic plan for the next ten years of NYC’s Open Data. This strategic plan encompasses 27 initiatives across three main areas: improving user experience, strengthening the City’s capacity, and building communities.

As NYC Open Data continues to work on the initiatives identified in this plan, some of them have become principles that are central to how we work, moving beyond the specific projects they encompassed when they were originally envisioned. In recognition of this centrality, we’ve updated the table below with the new timeline entry of “Ongoing” and status of “Core Principle.” As with previous years’ reports, each initiative has an updated status, and many have “Status Notes” to share more detail on the work that is underway or planned.

Status Status Definition


The original goal set out when this initiative was developed is now complete. This status does not mean that we won't continue to work on projects related to this initiative and provide additional updates.

Core Principle

This is a core principle that will continue to inform our work. Future work will continue to be reflected in the "Status Notes" column in future versions of this report.

In Progress

Meaningful work has begun on this initiative. In some cases, portions of the initiative are complete while others remain underway. In those cases, additional detail is available in the "Status Notes" column.


The Open Data Team has begun to work on the planning and preparatory work necessary for this initiative.


The Open Data Team has not yet started working on this initiative or work is temporarily on hold as other initiatives are moved forward.