The City of New York passed the Open Data Law in 2012, requiring each City agency to identify and ultimately publish its digital public data to the NYC Open Data. In 2015, Mayor de Blasio introduced Open Data for All, a vision to maximize New Yorkers’ engagement with City data. In 2019, building on this vision and marking the 10th anniversary of NYC’s first public datasets, the City released its plan for the Next Decade of Open Data. Beyond making data public, City agencies are also required to engage with the people who use their data – with examples of this engagement including posts on social media when new datasets are released, public sessions to improve how data is presented, guides to finding and using public data, and open forums to answer questions about published datasets

The New York City Open Data Team is two departments operating in tandem: The Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics (MODA), led by Chief Analytics Officer and Chief Open Platform Officer Martha Norrick; and the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications (DoITT), led by Chief Information Officer and DoITT Commissioner Jessica Tisch. MODA works with City agencies and their data to help serve New Yorkers more equitably and effectively, promotes the use of Open Data both within government and in the broader community, and works to make this data more useful and usable. DoITT provides for the sustained, efficient, and effective delivery of IT services, infrastructure, and telecommunications, and administers the content on the NYC Open Data and implements technical solutions to automate the extraction, translation and loading workflows of the City’s public data. Each City agency has an Open Data Coordinator, who serves as the main point of contact for the Open Data Team and the public and works to identify, document, structure, and manage the agency’s public datasets.